About Confession
Welcome to the guildpage of Confession.
We are a  social rading guild with long friendships in real life aswel as online.
Most of us have played together for years and still enjoy the game but don't have the time we used to for hardcore raiding.
But we have experience to spare to make up for the lack of time to invist.
Should you be looking for a fun raiding guild fill in an app or talk to someone in game, maybe we see you online. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/guild/alonsus/Confession/
Guild News

Introduction to new guild site

by the real Knossos, 121 days ago

Hi there lovers and haters,

We has got ourselfs a new playground to screw arround post shit and what have you not.

Please give us a shout if you want something added or not working proparly.

This site is in trail, after wich there will be some advertisement somewhere (dunno how much and where). Should we wish to we can all "donate days" to the current plan and keep it add free aswel as give more storage, but thats up to all of us if we want this.

There is a option on the left lower site to donate days should you want too.

This is a rough setup so we probably will be missing stuff here and there, we will work on it as we go.

Anyways lets all have a blast and go nutts!

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